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What differentiates AR Pest Control from the competition? Well, it is not that simple.

We think like our customers. Our AR team members are consumers just like you. Our clients want and expect excellent pest control services that leaves them completely satisfied. They expect a service provider who protects their “BRAND IDENTITY”. Hopefully you find this to be a refreshing take from a service provider.

AR Pest Control delivers on our promises, to provide you the highest level Integrated Pest Management Program you expect and we promise to communicate with you each step of the way.

Our MISSION STATEMENT is simple – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. When it comes to pest pressures our promise is to provide timely consultation, develop affordable and reliable programs, to meet and exceed your needs.”

All of our AR Pest Control team members have been targeted and recruited for their excellent reputations and are highly respected within the industry. We hired our team members because we know that they perform their services in a professional and ethical manner. During their interview process, they made it known that they want to work for a company that allows them the freedom to actually complete the service calls in a professional, ethical and timely manner.

We know what it will takes to be an industry leader and an industry differentiator. The following are some scenarios that caused many of AR Pest Control’s clients to make the switch from their previous pest control service providers.
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  • I had AR Pest Control come out to my residence last week. They were very fast to respond, I was provided same day service. Shamus heard out all of pest... read more

    seemaab yousuf Avatar seemaab yousuf

    This is the one company that actually returned our call immediately. They gave us a written estimate and got the work done almost immediately. Very easy to deal with.... read more

    Norma Jones Avatar Norma Jones
  • There was a suspicion of bed bugs so we called someone in to have a look. He was on time and very professional. Very thorough. Didn’t try to push a... read more

    Jbean Gaming Avatar Jbean Gaming

    Amazing, professional and quick service. I was able to get a same day appointment. Wasp nests sprayed and removed from my hot tub gazebo + wasps sprayed around my gas... read more

    Monica Avatar Monica


Q. Have you ever had your current service provider not show up for a scheduled service or not call or communicate they will late?

That unfortunate occurrence is a result of the scheduling department over booking their Technicians service calls or booking service calls, too closely together.

AR Pest Control promises never to double book our Technicians or book services too closely together. The last thing a Technician wants is to show up at a client’s business or home and having to deal with an unhappy client. No one wants that and we certainly do not want to put you or our Technicians in that scenario. We want our Technicians to be motivated to perform their services to the best of their abilities with peace of mind that they have the time to complete their work without having to cut corners to get to the next service call.

Q. Have you ever had to call or email your current pest control provider’s offices to book an unscheduled appointment, treatment or consultation and had to wait 1 or 2 days for someone to get back to you?

AR Pest Control promises to communicate with you within an hour of your call.

Q. Have you ever experienced this scenario, when your current pest control provider’s Technician states they have to come back to finish the service because they didn’t have the equipment or devices with them during the time of service and you have to wait until the next service?

The reason why this occurs with your current service provider is as stated previously that they are double booked and rushed through their services.

AR Pest Control promises that our protocol mandates that each Technician has all the equipment and monitoring devices needed to complete each service before they start the service.

Q. Have you been with the same service provider for over 10 years? Do you want to be able to set a budget without any surprises? Have you noticed that when you open up your invoice it has increased without an explanation? Then you review the original contract and your invoice is 15% higher than it was the day you signed the original contract just 10 years ago.

Most pest control companies do just that. They increase you monthly invoices by 1.5% to 2.5% annually without an explanation.

AR Pest Control promises that you will not receive an increase in your monthly fees for first three years of your program unless the scope of service changes. AR Pest Control will increase your monthly invoice by 2% after the third year and 2% every three years after that. That means that after 10 years your monthly invoice will raise by 6% not 15% to 20%

If you have been with the same service provider for 10 years or more AR Pest Control guarantees we can save you 10 % to 15% on your monthly invoices.

Q. If you are a client who has routine service scheduled for the last week of the month, have you ever faced this scenario, where your Technician does not show up until the first week of the following month so it forces you to call your current provider’s office to request service and ask for credit?

This regularly occurs far too often in our industry. There are a few of reasons for this occurrence. The first reason is the Technician’s route is too large to complete their route that month. The second reason is the Technician has been re-directed from their scheduled service calls to fill in for Technicians who are off so their clients suffer as a result. The third reason is the Technician has been pulled away from their route to complete after hours services or one-time services that leaves the Technician with either no time to complete their route or they are simply too tired to complete their route that month.

AR Pest Control promises that your Technician will complete your service each month on the dates that have been mutually agreed upon. Your Technician’s first order of business is to complete all the monthly contractually obligated client’s services every month.

Q. Has your current service provider’s scheduling department ever responded to your inquiries in an unprofessional manner or the representative is not willing to be flexible to meet your needs. Have your interaction left you feeling your inquiries have not been resolved or have you had to wait days for a reply?

AR Pest Control promises that you that all inquiries with be met with professionalism, cooperation, understanding and dignity. We value all our clients and we will do whatever we can to ensure that each interaction with any member of our scheduling department is a pleasant experience and holds to true for all our staff.

If you have experienced any of these scenarios with your current pest control provider you might want to ask yourself, do we have the right service provider – partner for our business. It doesn’t cost any money to make an inquiry for our services but it might be costing you money to stay with a provider who doesn’t have your best interests in at heart.

When you bring AR Pest Control aboard to be your service provider, we enter into a partnership to protect you and your business and together we will develop a customizable Integrated Pest Management Program to best serve your needs and protect your brand identity.

Your AR ant Pest Control office has products developed for the control of pests such as Ants. Due to the potential danger of property damage, it is advisable to contact an AR Service Representative toll free at 1 (855) 670-7378 or

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