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Mice Control

Your business or home offers everything a mice or mouse colony needs to sustain themselves. Your business or home offers food, water and shelter, and because mice are not picky eater and they tend to chew through anything they see as an obstacle to get to a food or harborage site.  Mice can also cause a host of serious structural issues. Some of the issues/problems mice can cause include damaging walls, chewing wiring and furniture, and they can also carry serious diseases – so it’s important to get rid of mice as soon as possible before they take a foot hold in the building. The longer you wait the more serious the issues can become.

Mice & Mouse Deterrent Tips

The best way to prevent problems with mice & mouse in your home or business is to deny them access inside. If mice manage to gain entry indoors, it is important to set up effective mouse deterrents. If you can deter mice, you will also reduce the damage they can cause to your property and avoid the health risks associated with exposure to this rodent.

Identify gaps, cracks and crevasses where mice can gain entry. If you examine the exterior of your property or building and notice any holes the size of a quarter or larger, that can become a point of entry. You can fill in those entry points with copper wool or with a cement mixture. DO NOT USE expansion foam because mice will easily eat through the foam. DO NOT use steel wool because steel wool will rust within a few years and mice will gain access.

Mice & Rats are great climbers and can scale rough exteriors of buildings or walk along wires. Identify any gaps located higher up your building, or on your rooftop, and make sure any entry points are properly blocked.

Food safety

Be careful not to attract mice with food. Where possible food should be stored in plastic or metal containers. Regularly clean under stoves, refrigerators and cupboards.


Fit bristle (or brush) strips to the bottom of doors to prevent entry, especially in older properties where the door fit may not be snug.


Seal holes around existing or new pipes with coarse grade stainless steel wire wool and caulking (pliable sealant).


These are often made in exterior walls for cables and pipes; check that old pipework holes are sealed too. Any holes that are larger than 0.5cm will allow mice to gain access because their jaws can fit into tight spaces like these and quickly chew larger openings that allow them to enter a building.


Cover these with fine galvanized wire mesh, especially if they are damaged.


Fix damaged roofing and use wire mesh to seal gaps.


Trim tree branches back from the house and where possible avoid plants growing up the sides of your property. Vines, shrubs or overhanging branches can be used for mice to get onto roofs. Overgrown vegetation close to the walls will offer mice shelter and potential nesting sites.


 Keep grass mown short to reduce shelter and seeds for food. Ideally leave a gap between the building foundations and the garden.

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