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    Oakville Pest Control

    Experiencing relentless pest troubles within your living space in Oakville, disrupting your peace and causing undue distress? Your perfect solution awaits! Say hello to the ultimate remedy—AR Pest control in Oakville. We are dedicated to eradicating harmful insects from your cherished property.

    Backed by a seasoned team in Oakville, we boast an arsenal of years of expertise and cutting-edge tools to combat even the most obstinate pest invasions. 

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    Areas Served

    The climate in Oakville, which can include warm summers and cold winters, can create an environment suitable for the survival and proliferation of certain insect species like cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, wasps, etc. With increasing urbanization and development, there might be disturbances in the natural habitat of insects, causing them to wreak havoc in your home. If you’ve been witnessing pest infestations at your property in Oakville, we can help!  


    Types of Pest Control Services We Offer

    Residential Pest Control in Oakville

    Your residence is your private space, a place to unwind after a long day. However, persistent pests like bed bugs and mosquitoes can disrupt your peace. But fret not! Get in touch with AR Pest Control in Oakville, and let us restore serenity to your living space with our effective pest management solutions. 

    Our residential pest control team in Oakville will thoroughly inspect your home, identify the specific pest problems, and create a plan to eliminate them.

    Commercial Pest Control in Oakville

    When pests infiltrate commercial units, they pose significant threats to both operations and customer satisfaction. Not only can they damage property and inventory, but they can also taint a company’s reputation, driving away valuable customers. Protect your business today! Contact AR Pest Control in Oakville, and let us safeguard your commercial space, ensuring uninterrupted operations and satisfied patrons.

    Industrial Pest Control in Oakville

    Industrial areas in Oakville face their own set of challenges when it comes to pests. Large warehouses, storage areas, factories, and manufacturing facilities often contend with pests like rodents, insects, and birds that can damage products, contaminate goods, and compromise safety.

    AR Pest Control specializes in industrial pest control solutions that meet the needs of your facility. Our industrial pest control services in Oakville will conduct a thorough assessment, implement preventative measures, and utilize advanced pest control techniques to protect your industrial space and assets.

    Why Choose AR Pest Control in Oakville?

    Competitive Pricing

    We know that having pests running around your home or office can be frustrating and the removal could often be costly. We have designed our packages to be affordable without compromising on service quality. For a reasonable fee, we offer a high-quality and long-lasting pest control service that guarantees your protection for several years.  

    100% satisfaction

    If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. It’s that simple! There’s nothing more important to us than seeing our customers happy, safe, and worry-free. We give our all to ensure your home is pest free, and you are 100% satisfied with our services.

    Years in business

    We have acquired a great deal of experience and built a reputation for exceptional service throughout our years in business. Our track record of reliability and effectiveness has been proven over the decades as we have successfully exterminated even the most challenging categories of pests with innovative ideas and creative solutions.

    Experienced Staff

    Our team of experienced and friendly technicians aim to put a smile on your faces, not only with our outstanding services, but also by building healthy relationships with you. They take their time, answer every technical question that you might have, and don’t leave until they have made sure complete customer satisfaction.

    Safe and Eco-friendly Products

    Your safety is our top priority, which is why we take all the necessary precautions and measures to ensure you’re protected. In addition to being 100% effective in eliminating pests and keeping your house free of critters and crawlers, our products and techniques are also eco-friendly and do not pose any health issues.

    Maybe you’re wondering why home and business owners in Oakville always turn to us for their pest control, wildlife, and rodent removal needs; it’s simple. The secret lies in our:

    Well-trained and certified Pest Control In Oakville

    You can trust AR Pest Control to pest-proof your residential or commercial building effectively because our experts are well-trained and qualified for the job.

    Below are some of our official pest control certifications, awards, and affiliations


    Canadian Pest Management Association

    A member of CPMA (Canadian Pest Management Association)


    National Pest Management Association

    A member of NPMA (National Pest Management Association)



    AR PEST CONTROL INC. is a member of OAPP


    Three Best Rated

    Award of excellence for the Best Business of 2022 (by ThreeBestRated)

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    Our Oakville Pest Control Service Staff

    Our team is composed of experienced, dedicated, and hardworking individuals that work with you and your needs to ensure your home is pest-free.

    We guarantee that our service will meet all your pest control needs, no matter how unique your situation may be. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge from which we can pull the perfect solution. Additionally, our staff deploys only the safest and most environmentally friendly techniques, as recommended by IPM (Integrated Pest Management).

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    After we get some information from you, we’ll set up a time to discuss your pest control needs in further detail.


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      Our Process

      Our pest control process entails a step-by-step action plan based on the principles of integrated pest management (IPM).

      Common Home Invaders We Control

      Our pest control team near Oakville provides comprehensive control services for various pests to ensure a healthy environment for our valued customers. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to safeguarding your home or business from the common nuisances that can disrupt your peace of mind.

      Ant pest Control in Oakville

      Ants invade homes seeking food, water, and shelter, especially during warm seasons. Their relentless foraging disrupts household hygiene and contaminates food stores, posing health risks. Left unchecked, ant colonies rapidly expand, infesting various areas and damaging property. To safeguard your home and loved ones, swift eradication is essential. Contact AR Pest Control in Oakville now for comprehensive ant removal services, ensuring a pest-free environment and restoring peace of mind to your abode.

      Bed Bugs Control in Oakville

      Bed bugs silently invade Oakville homes, feeding on blood unnoticed and often mistaken for rashes or mosquito bites. Their stealthy nature makes them hard to spot, regardless of your home's size or cleanliness. If you're experiencing mysterious bites, contact AR Pest Control Oakville immediately. Our experts will eliminate these pests, ensuring a peaceful, bug-free home. Schedule your bed bug eradication today!

      Mice Control in Oakville

      If you're dealing with mice or rats in your Oakville home, it's a good idea to contact a local company that specializes in getting rid of them. AR Pest Control in Oakville is the best choice for solving your rodent problem. Our team is professional, dependable, and quick to respond. Whether you have rats or mice causing trouble, our skilled technicians will take care of the issue for you. So, if you want to put an end to your rodent infestation, AR Pest Control in Oakville is the right choice for you.

      Wasp Nest Removal in Oakville

      For the most budget-friendly wasp nest removal in Oakville, turn to AR Pest Control. Our insect control techniques are officially approved and licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Environment. Our bee and wasp removal services prioritize ecological balance, ensuring the safe elimination of these insects without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals.

      Cockroaches Control in Oakville

      We understand the cockroach reproductive patterns and develop unique extermination techniques to eliminate them from both residential and commercial properties.
      Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering. When you choose AR Pest Control in Oakville, you can have complete confidence that we will successfully exterminate all cockroaches from your home or business.

      Contact us for no obligation, no hassle, best price quote at (905)670-7378

      Pest Control Oakville FAQs

      Where can I find reliable pest control services near me in Oakville?

      AR Pest Control in Oakville offers reliable pest control services in your area. Our team is dedicated to addressing your pest problems promptly and effectively.

      What are the symptoms of pests in my house?

      A: Common signs of pests in your home include unexplained bites, droppings, unusual noises, damaged food packages, and a noticeable increase in insect or rodent sightings. 

      Can you guarantee the complete eradication of pests?

      A: We strive for complete pest eradication, but it’s important to note that the success of pest control depends on various factors, including the type of pest and the extent of the infestation. We offer effective treatments and follow-up services to maximize the likelihood of complete pest removal.

      Are your methods safe for children, elderly, and pets?

      Yes. Our pest control methods are designed to be safe for your family and pets. We use environmentally friendly and approved treatments that minimize any potential risks to human health and pets.

      How many visits does it take you to treat pests?

      The number of visits required depends on the type of pest, and the severity of the infestation. We assess each situation individually and provide a customized treatment plan that includes the estimated number of visits needed to effectively address your specific pest issue.

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      After we get some information from you, we’ll set up a time to discuss your pest control needs in further detail.