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Do you want to know, which are the most common pests that can put your business at risk?

Look at AR Pest Control’s list of the Top 10 Pests most commonly found and most common to put Canadian business properties at risk.

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Mice are very opportunistic. They don’t care whether it is a cardboard box that provides them adequate harborage and food or a 1 million square foot warehouse of a 100-story office tower. House mice are active all year, nesting in warm, quiet places like walls or inside cabinets. They constantly gnaw, damage furnishings, and chew packaging to access food. Mice are also known to spread disease.


Norway Rats are among the most common in Canada. Signs of infestation include droppings and teeth marks on electrical cables, which can be a fire hazard. Rats also spread communicable diseases.


Cockroaches like to live/harbor in warm areas such as kitchens and wall cavities. They often come out after dark, feeding on any type of food, greases and organic materials and they may carry diseases.


Mosquitoes become highly active throughout Canada during the spring and summer months. They can transmit several diseases i.e. West Nile, Zeca and Malaria. Mosquitoes are a threat to both employees and the public in general. They breed anywhere water pools.


Wasps can become a problem along the exteriors of your facility and will gain entry through open windows and open doors. Large wasp nests can contain over 25,000 wasps. Nests can be found in eaves, wall cavities, trees, bushes and underground.


Whether houseflies or fruit flies these pests can carry a wide range of diseases including and not limited to food poisoning and a multitude of bacteria.


Ants enter your property in search of food and safe harborage. Ant nests are often located outside your facility in warm, dry soil and under paving, like interlocked paving and finely powdered soil. Ants control should be left to professionals for if you try to take on this task without proper methodologies it could lead to dealing with multiple ant colony sites.


Canada has thousands of species of spiders. They come an all sizes from small to large. All spiders bite humans if threatened. They are attracted to warm dark spaces, like wall cracks, corners, air vents, and in the eaves of your facility.


Birds can cause damage and bring a variety of potentially serious diseases and health issues.


Contrary to their name, bed bugs can also be found in cracks and crevices. They feed on human blood and are exceptionally difficult to control as they spread quickly. Bed bugs wait for their human hosts to become stationary or sedentary i.e. seated for a prolonged period such as a movie theatre, buses, watching television or sleeping. They are attracted to a human’s heat, breath and smell of their body.

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