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AR Pest Control is a full-service pest control exterminator and animal removal company in Milton, ON and the surrounding areas. We can help you eliminate bed bugs, wasps, cockroaches, termites, squirrels, mice, and more. Our staff is composed of experienced experts that will go above and beyond to guarantee results. Our Milton team has all the resources, skills and expertise to make your property pest free.

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AR Pest Control Services for MILTON

AR Pest Control Milton are your neighbours in your community so we know the unique pest pressures that exist in Milton. Our clients in Milton have come to rely on AR Pest Control Milton for our exceptional pest control expertise, knowledge, experience, and customer service. AR Pest Control Milton offers our neighbours in Aurora peace of mind because when they speak with an AR Pest Control Milton team member, they are courteous, engaging, highly trained individuals who will provide a concise range of options.  Are you having issues with any of the following occasional invaders Ants, Bats, Bed Bugs, Bees Beetles Birds, Cockroaches, Earwigs, Fleas, Flies, Biting Flies, Groundhogs, Hornets, Lady Bugs, Mice, Mosquitoes, Raccoons, Rats, Skunks, Spiders, Ticks, Wasps, Weevils Wildlife – AR Pest Control Milton has a solution for that.

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Bed Bugs Problems in MILTON

Bed Bugs have become a significant problem in Milton. They have become a major cause of lost business in the entertainment and hospitality industries.

They are easily spread and difficult to treat resulting in rapid growth in the number of bed bug outbreaks around the world.

The key to beating any bed bug infestation is to raise awareness of what to look for and to ensure bed bugs are dealt with immediately once discovered.

The Impact of Bed Bugs

The Impact of Bed Bugs

The only food source of bed bugs is blood. That is why they are classified blood feeders and feed on the blood of humans and other mammals.

While there is a possibility for bed bugs to transmit disease, experts cannot agree there is evidence of transmission from bed bugs to humans or animals. What is agreed upon is the irritation, distress to many of us and for those with hyper sensitivities.

Bed Bug Bites are not painful. Itchiness can result from the body’s reaction to bites, causing discomfort. Treating the bites can soothe the irritation, but with multiple bites, it can still be very distressing.

Multiple bites and contact with bed bugs can lead to an itchy rash or possibly eczema. Consult a medical professional for advice and treatment if this occurs.

Identifying Bed Bugs

Adult bed bugs are 4-5mm long. Prior to feeding they are a flattened oval shape and light brown in colour, but become rounder, like a football and darker (rust colour) after feeding.

They emerge at night and are attracted to the warmth of our bodies and carbon dioxide in our breath.

They are usually found in bedrooms and in living rooms (couch, arm chairs) but hide in cracks and crevices during the day.

The most common shelters for bed bugs are:

  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Seams of mattresses
  • Crevices in bed frames
  • Mattress headboards
  • Furniture surrounding beds
  • Baseboards
  • Clothing Dressers
  • Laundry Bins

You can easily spot evidence of bed bug activity by looking for these telltale signs of dark brown, red or even black staining on mattress covers. These signs are from bed bug excrement after they have a blood meal.

Infestation can also be associated with an unpleasant scent secreted by bed bugs.

Identifying Bed Bug Bites

It is difficult to identify bed bugs from their bite because everyone’s body reacts very differently to the bites.

It is more important to look at the overall pattern and timing of bites and other factors to identify whether bites are caused by bed bugs. Bed bugs usually will follow a vein on your hands, arms, legs, feet, neck and face.

  • Bed Bug Bites usually never wake the victim from their sleep and can occur anywhere on the body. The bites usually occur close to blood vessels that are near the skin
  • A single bed bug may bite more than once in the same area. However, bites on different parts of the body indicate being bitten by several bed bugs.
  • Early in a bed bug infestation, the victim may not feel any itchiness as they’ve yet to become sensitized to the bites.
  • Small droplets of blood on the sheets will indicate the presence of bed bugs.

Your AR Pest Control Milton  office has products developed for the control of pests such as Bed Bugs.

Due to the difficulty for eliminating bed bugs, it is advisable to contact an AR Pest Control Milton Service Representative at (905) 670-7378 or and we will be happy to help you


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Cockroaches Problem in MILTON

Many homeowners, Property Managers, Private Schools, Hotel General Managers and businesses in Milton are dealing with Cockroaches.

Cockroaches are usually attracted to food available somewhere in your property. They will eat anything from foods, paper, packaging, plastics and fabrics to animal matter (e.g. hamster and rabbit droppings).

The three main types of cockroaches commonly found in homes in Canada include the German cockroach, Oriental cockroach and American cockroach.

All species are usually found in greatest numbers in the kitchen or where food is stored.

Some information you should know about Cockroaches

  • Cockroach can breed rapidly.
  • Cockroach produces an obnoxious odour that taints food and objects they come into contact with.
  • Cockroach droppings cause asthma and eczema.
  • Cockroach carry a range of serious illnesses including dysentery, gastroenteritis, salmonella and typhoid.


Do Cockroaches bite humans?

The cockroach is an omnivore, that is, it eats everything edible. They are rarely aggressive enough to attack people while awake but could if you were asleep. Only larger cockroach species could take a bite through human skin.

Can Cockroaches Fly?

Yes, some species are stronger fliers than others. The Oriental and German cockroach species do not fly.

I suspect a Cockroach Infestation

Signs of a cockroach problem can be identified by various physical evidence such as cockroach droppings, smear marks, shed skin, cockroach eggs, damage caused by cockroaches, unusual odour and actual sightings in; kitchens and basements.

Discovering a roach infestation requires immediate action to ensure a fast solution to the problem and to minimize the health risks associated with this insect.

Cockroach are usually attracted to food available in your property. They will eat anything from foods, paper, packaging, plastics and fabrics to animal matter (e.g. hamster and rabbit droppings).

It is often easier to spot signs of a problem in your home or business rather than an actual live cockroach. As nocturnal creatures, cockroach usually hide out of sight during the day and become more active in their search for food at night.

How do I get rid of Cockroaches?

There are range of off the shelf do-it-yourself products that can be purchased from local shopping centres, but they are not as strong or effective as the products used by professionals. Hiring a professional Pest Control company for inspection and treatment is often the most effective way to get rid of cockroach in your home or business.

Your AR Pest Control Milton office has products developed for the control Cockroaches. Due to the difficulty of eliminating Cockroaches, it is advisable to contact an AR Pest Control Milton Service Representative.

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Contact us for no obligation, no hassle, best price quote at (905)670-7378

Mice are common Problems in MILTON

Many restaurants, hotels, entertainment facilities, manufacturing facilities, logistics warehouses and residences in Milton are dealing with mice, for some of you it is a constant issue. Your business or home offers everything a mice or mouse colony needs to sustain themselves. Your business or home offers food, water and shelter, and because mice are not picky eater and they tend to chew through anything they see as an obstacle to get to a food or harbourage site.  Mice can also cause a host of serious structural issues. Some of the issues/problems mice can cause include damaging walls, chewing wiring and furniture, and they can also carry serious diseases – so it’s important to get rid of mice as soon as possible before they take a foot hold in the building. The longer you wait the more serious the issues can become.

Mice are great climbers and can scale rough exteriors of buildings or walk along wires. Identify any gaps located higher up your building, or on your rooftop, and make sure any entry points are properly blocked.


Mice Deterrent Tips

The best way to prevent problems with mice in your home or business is to deny them access inside. If mice manage to gain entry indoors, it is important to set up effective mouse deterrents. If you can deter mice, you will also reduce the damage they can cause to your property and avoid the health risks associated with exposure to this rodent.

Identify gaps, cracks and crevasses where mice can gain entry. If you examine the exterior of your property or building and notice any holes the size of a quarter or larger, that can become a point of entry. You can fill in those entry points with copper wool or with a cement mixture. DO NOT USE expansion foam because mice will easily eat through the foam. DO NOT use steel wool because steel wool will rust within a few years and mice will gain access.

Food safety

Be careful not to attract mice with food. Where possible food should be stored in plastic or metal containers. Regularly clean under stoves, refrigerators and cupboards.


Fit bristle (or brush) strips to the bottom of doors to prevent entry, especially in older properties where the door fit may not be snug.


Seal holes around existing or new pipes with coarse grade stainless steel wire wool and caulking (pliable sealant).


These are often made in exterior walls for cables and pipes; check that old pipework holes are sealed too. Any holes that are larger than 0.5cm will allow mice to gain access because their jaws can fit into tight spaces like these and quickly chew larger openings that allow them to enter a building.


Cover these with fine galvanized wire mesh, especially if they are damaged.


Fix damaged roofing and use wire mesh to seal gaps.


Trim tree branches back from the house and where possible avoid plants growing up the sides of your property. Vines, shrubs or overhanging branches can be used for mice to get onto roofs. Overgrown vegetation close to the walls will offer mice shelter and potential nesting sites.


Keep grass mown short to reduce shelter and seeds for food. Ideally leave a gap between the building foundations and the garden.

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