Cockroaches Moving Indoors in the Winter Season

As the 3 Best Rated Pest Control Companies in Mississauga and surrounding area and with a PERFECT 5 STAR Google Review rating with more than 130 Google Reviews and a PERFECT 10 STAR – Home Stars review rating, AR Pest Control understand our client’s needs. We know that no one wants to live to Cockroaches.

Cockroaches are present in a variety of environments, from rural to urban from residential, multi-residential properties to commercial spaces. In high density population areas, such as Brampton and Mississauga and they are found more often and more frequently in higher numbers. Once they invade your home, cockroaches become entrenched and are extremely difficult to eradicate from a property, especially multi-unit dwellings such as apartments and condominiums.

Cockroaches are very opportunistic and they don’t care whether you live in a cardboard box or a 50 million dollar mansion, so long as they find a safe place of harborage that provides them ideal environment i.e. moisture levels, appropriate heat and food sources they will start a colony and will become an issue you will eventually have to deal with. Leave it for the professionals.

Cockroaches are populations are growing and spreading throughout Brampton and surrounding areas, because it has a relatively high population density.

Now that winter is upon us Brampton often has significantly more snow and rain events annually with increase of global warming.  We are experiencing extreme weather swings. During the summer we are experiencing hotter more humid days and warmer winters, which are perfect conditions for cockroaches to thrive.

Atypically, during this global climate change, warmer winters, bring temperature swings where one day it can be minus 8 degrees and the couple of days later it can be + 8 degrees. All that being said, those temperature variations lead to more dramatic snow events with higher accumulations in the Great Lakes region. It is becoming more evident that those temperature swings perfectly suited for Cockroach colonies to breed and grow.

These temperature spikes in either direction along with precipitation events, encourages cockroaches to seek and find new harbourage sites. The new and ever changing environment makes it easier for crawling insects such as cockroaches, to move inside our homes and our businesses. Cockroaches are already inhabiting our kitchens, basements, garages, storage rooms, and other unheated areas will attempt to move deeper into our homes and our businesses to find a more ideal area to create colony that will only grow with each passing day.

Pests and Pest Control is our business, and as such AR Pest Control keeps track of the pest trends, incidents, increased contact of cockroach, cockroach sightings, activity and hotspots in Brampton and the surrounding communities. We have found that there is definitely on the upswing for cockroach activities and infestations Brampton year over year.

How can we say that we keep track of cockroach activity in Brampton and surrounding areas?

It’s quite simple, AR Pest Control and our Team of employees are proud to be members of multiple Pest Control governing bodies and associations including Canadian Pest Management Association, National Pest Management Association and Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario. As member of these organizations we constantly receive reports and trends within ALL communities within the areas AR services.

Why Pest / Cockroach Control is so important in Brampton and across the GTA

When looking at property damage caused by cockroaches, there are several different aspects that must be considered.

First of all, the all infestations are not the same and are case specific. They vary from home to home, apartment to condo and business to business and they also vary according to the specific species of cockroach. When discussing cockroach control Brampton, the most common species include German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches and American Cockroaches. They all infest food, dry goods such as clothing and even electronics. Unfortunately, cockroaches often leave stains in clothing which may be difficult to remove, and they can also damage stitching in some varieties of fabrics.

Cockroaches do not give birth to live roaches. They lay egg sacks and depending on the species of cockroach the egg sack can house as many as 100 cockroaches. Unfortunately, there is no product know to man that can penetrate a cockroach egg sack and as such we must treat the adult cockroaches first and come back 2 weeks after the Initial service to conduct a second treatment to eliminate the cockroaches that hatched from their egg sacks.

When it comes to electronics and because of the heat that electronics emit, cockroaches may infest computer servers, circuit boxes, televisions, stereo equipment, which allows them to reproduce at a very high rate.

Furthermore, cockroaches can irritate household pets, and can cause a health hazard to very young children, and in some rare cases some larger cockroach species can sometimes bite with enough force to puncture skin. Perhaps one of the most common damages caused by cockroaches in Brampton and across the GTA is to food items, which may be spoiled due to cockroach egg sacks or droppings.

In fact, in the best case scenario, the food products affected must be thrown out after traces of cockroaches are detected. If the cockroach presence in the food items is not detected, and the food is subsequently consumed, negative health impacts may be observed. Asthma, dysentery, and salmonella are all diseases which may be transmitted to humans by cockroaches, especially through contamination of food sources.

Why Invest in Combating Cockroaches in Brampton?

Taking strong preventative measures during the first cockroach sighting is vital and essential when it comes to minimizing the chances of a cockroach infestation in Brampton businesses and households. While there are several steps that individuals can take themselves, such as ensuring that indoor structures are properly lined with pest resistant winter weather stripping and liners, and securing food products in insect-proof packaging and containers, it is also important to consult with pest control Brampton professionals, especially when certain risk factors are present.

For instance, some businesses are structurally connected to others, such as those in strip malls and commercial buildings. This can allow cockroaches to have multiple points of entry, which increases the likelihood of an infestation. Furthermore, homes such as semi-detached houses, apartments, condominiums, which are connected through proximity via share electrical risers, plumbing risers, air conditioning risers and or semi-outdoor structures, including unheated sunrooms, cold storages, and damp garages. Before you or your neighbour attempt to rid yourself of cockroaches you always should consult the professionals at AR Pest Control, to ensure that their property is protected against these pesky critters.

Our friendly and knowledgeable AR Pest Control staff have developed action plans, solutions and options to eliminate those pesky cockroaches and we will be happy to assist you. So if you see any evidence of Cockroaches give yourself, your business and your family peace of mind and contact because AR Pest Control we will rid you of Cockroaches. WE GUARANTEE IT!!

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