The Associate Certified Entomologist: A Standard for Quality Pest Control

When you have an insect issue in your home or office, you need help. But choosing a contractor can be confusing. How do you know that you’re receiving the best in professional pest control and hiring someone who can accurately identify the problem and provide the right treatment? Look for the most qualified – an […]

Wasps and Bees

Spring, summer and fall means sun, barbecues, and ice cream. Of course, that means bees and wasps season that could potentially put a damper on our plans. As bees and wasps fly nearer, the constant buzzing around can be extremely annoying and anxiety inducing! And, if you’ve ever been stung, you know the kind of […]

Where Do Mosquitoes Go in Winter?

Many people often lament over the final days of summer and dread the first frigid days of winter, but we’re guessing everyone may welcome winter this year with open arms, so they can bid adieu to mosquitoes and the threat of Zika virus.OK Unfortunately, it’s a common misconception that mosquitoes simply die upon Jack Frost’s […]

How to Spot Mice or Rats in the Home

Common Signs of a Rodent Infestation Many people associate the cold weather with high heating bills, power outages and other related problems, but rodent infestations should also be added to this list of winter woes. In fact, a survey by the National Pest Management Association found that 45 percent of rodent issues occur in the fall and […]

Apartment Living: How to Keep Pests Out

Living in an apartment generally affords many people the ability to live, work and play without having to travel too far. With a shorter commute and easy access to restaurants, grocery stores and shops, it is an attractive living option to many Americans.  And, because of the multifamily nature of apartment buildings, you tend to […]