PROUD TO ANNOUNCE AR PEST CONTROL ARE MEMBERS OF SPMAO (The Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario)

As a progressive and forward thinking Pest Control company we at AR Pest Control Mississauga are proud and delighted to announce that we are now members of SPMAO (the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario). With over 700 Pest Control companies throughout Ontario only a select few are invited to become members of SPMAO. Your AR Pest Control team of professionals, constantly strive to better ourselves as an organization and by doing our clients benefit by knowing that we keep up and study the latest information, methodologies and trends in pest control services that lead to more comprehensive services for our clients throughout southern Ontario.

What or who is SPMAO? SPMAO is The Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario SPMAO and is widely known as the province’s largest and oldest Pest Management Association, which encompasses a highly skilled and qualified Board of Directors comprised by members of the association within the Pest Control Industry, who are actually out on the front lines day to day, week to week, month to month. Working as a non-profit organization, SPMAO association of over 170 licensed companies that actively protect the health & safety of all Ontarians. AR Pest Control takes pride in being a part of the most experienced and largest professional association of its kind in Ontario.

With its head office located in Aurora, Ontario, SPMAO consistently holds meetings where their member professionals voice concerns, experience & advocate on behalf of its members while helping companies comply with the ever-changing Health and Safety standards. Providing resources such as workshops and seminars, SPMAO makes it easier for group members of companies to obtain educational resources, professional licences and stay up to date with current trends and upcoming governmental policies, standards and changes to the pest control industry.

SPMAO also provides several online services and resources such as an Information Library, where you can find all SPMAO Bylaws and it also provides an avenue to report any noncompliance of pesticide use, Regulatory Updates, A library of Pest information, Pest FAQ’s and many other resources that includes information on suppliers, Pesticide Labels and they even have a Job Bank.

AR Pest Control operates in numerous cities across Ontario such from Oshawa to the east, Niagara Falls and Kitchener and the Golden Horseshoe to the west, Toronto to the south, Orillia to the North and all points in between i.e. Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Toronto. As a member of the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario, AR Pest Control’s commitment is that our employees will abide by all Bylaws and Professional Code of Ethics laid out by the association and the Government of Ontario pest control regulations at all times.


AR Pest Control provides professional Pest Control services to the Residential pest control, Food Manufacturing, Commercial pest control, Hospitality, Long Term Care and Industrial industry pest control segments. AR Pest Control is committed to and ensures the safety of our province’s food stocks, health care and educational facilities, residential dwellings, hotels, restaurants or food processing plants.

Your AR Pest Control Team has specifically developed proprietary programs and methodologies to rid your property of unwanted occasional invaders and we guarantee our work. Due to the dangers of interaction with certain species of insects and wildlife combined with potential property damage, health risks and potential loss to business, it is advisable you contact an AR Service Representative before trying to rid your property or business of these invaders on your own. Please leave it to the professionals.

For a free, no obligation quotation, simply call AR Pest Control at 1-855-670-7378 and we will be happy to help you.